One hundred participants from the whole PET value chain, including PET manufacturers, packaging converters, global brand owners, equipment manufacturers, recovery schemes and recyclers, as well as representatives from the European Commission met in Brussels for our annual PET Network Day. The event, organised by Petcore Europe and supported by seven other leading European associations, took place on Thursday, 9 October 2014, and focused on the latest developments in Europe.

High level presentations were made across PET collection, recycling and reuse in a circular economy, PET use and sustainability, followed by lively debates in which participants shared their views on how the success of PET as a packaging material of choice could impact its future demand.

“It is important that we continue to promote PET as the product of choice for bottles and other applications, which can be truly 100% recycled, provides lightweight packaging, food safety, energy savings and greenhouse gas reduction” concluded Roberto Bertaggia, President of Petcore Europe, at the end of the conference. “We also need our industry to further promote take-back systems so that consumers bring them back and they don’t end up in the environment, and for this a strong synergism between political authorities and industrial parties is needed and welcome”.

For further information on the different presentations, please refer to the link below the picture.