Webinar on “PET and the Consumer: Building Awareness with Social Media and Communication” on the 20th of May from 2:00 - 6:00 PM.

Dear All,

Unfortunately, our webinar “PET & the Consumer: Building Awareness with Social Media and Communication” must be sadly postponed to another date due to unforeseen circumstances. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and look forward to holding the webinar after the summer holiday season. The new date of this event will be communicated as soon as possible.


The registration is already open.


Please note that the price is higher than usual as it is a 4-hours event. All the financial contributions will help us to achieve greater results in our Communications Campaign.




1) 14:00-14:15: Welcome and Introduction by Christian Crépet.


2) 14:15-14:45: Consumer Perception of PET in France, Germany and UK by Peter Wilson and Hannah Richards.


3) 14:45-15:15: Behavioral Economics and PET in France, Germany and Italy by Jörg Macke.             


 4) 15:15-15:30: PETCORE Europe Communications Campaign by Colm Jordan                            


 5) 15:30-15:45: Unesda 2030 Strategy and Communications by Tudy Bernier.                                


 6) 15:45-16:00: Natural Mineral Waters Europe Communications Action by Anna Meusburger.                         


 BREAK: 16:00-16:30


7) 16:30-16:45: NAPCOR and Positively PET in the USA by Laura Stewart.                                            


8) 16:45-17:00: Husky and Communications in Canada by Trevor Van Eerde.                                                 


9) 17:00-17:15: ALPLA’s Communications Approach by Dominic Fiel.


10) 17:15-17:30: GDB and Communicating around Reuse in Germany by Tobias Bielenstein.                           


11) 17:30-17:45: IK and Communicating on PET in Germany by Mara Hancker.                                          


12) 17:45-18:00: Conclusion and Closing by Christian Crépet.