The Russian government has proposed a ban on PET beer packaging since 2011 as an attempt to curb drinking in the country. PET bottles should be limited to <1.5% alcohol content. According to local reports, the market share of PET packaging in Russia is estimated at 50%. A ban may also have a negative impact on the water and soft drinks businesses, and on local producers of polymers.

Petcore Europe sent a formal letter - co-signed by EFBW for bottled waters, Unesda for soft drinks and the Brewers of Europe - to ARPET, the Russian counterpart of Petcore Europe. We received the following message back from ARPET:

“Thank you very much for quick response! I am sure that this letter will help us, because this letter is very informative and understandable for all kinds of officials and our opponents. It is very important for us, because now we can officially refer to this information. Many thanks to you and your colleagues from all Russian PET industry.”


Want to assess recyclability of your PET Thermoformed packaging? PETCORE Europe is starting now to assess your solution! Clear transparent packaging already today and colored is coming soon!

The European PET Tray Platform created by Petcore Europe, supported by tray manufacturers, Recovery Organizations (EPRO) and Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE).

In 2019 Petcore Europe launched the PET Monomer Recycling Special Industry Group with initial engagement by companies involved in the development of new and innovative processes to recycle PET and Polyester waste by depolymerization and reusing its monomer constituents. Due to the growing interest in PET Monomer Recycling we decided to conduct "2021 PET Chemical Recycling: Depolymerization Forum" and to share key perceptions on Depolymerization.


This is the fourth newsletter of 2021 that is featuring messages from our President and our Executive Director, updates on activities by our Working Groups, our Communications Campaign, Social Media, policy and regulatory developments at EU and national level, information about our internal structure and many other interesting insights.

PETCORE Europe is delighted to announce that its member - Omya International AG has recently launched a new product from the family of Calcium Carbonate, Omyaloop, dedicated to the transformation of the Polymers Industry towards a Circular Economy.


Carbios to build in France its first-of-a-kind manufacturing plant for fully bio-recycled PET in partnership with Indorama Ventures. This important step of the development will undoubtedly benefit the chemical and enzymatic recycling players, to present these technologies as complementary to mechanical recycling and to move PET recycling into large scale operations. Indorama’s co-investment to accommodate this unit is highlighting its confidence in PET enzymatic recycling. 


Today on World Recycling Day remember that PET is fully recyclable and made to be remade. PET - 1 material of choice for recycling. You can tell that it is PET by the 1 on the bottom. 

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